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Calls for Submissions From the Public

Submissions about possible short to medium term changes to the current arrangements for allocating smartnumbers® to improve allocative efficiency must be received by...

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Barriers to Skype on mobiles evaporate

Brisbane Times
New Skype apps for the iPhone and Symbian platforms will allow mobile users to bypass telco voice networks completely, making calls using the internet over the 3G data network...

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Outcome: 1.0, Output: 1.1                  Question: 137
Topic: Smart numbers
Written Question on Notice
Senator Conroy asked:

1. The smart number auction system for freecall numbers that spell a word or business name commenced in 2004. Since that time a secondary market in these numbers has arisen. Did the Government contemplate that such market would develop?

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Novel domain decision clarifies tests for consolidation of multiple complaints

Australian Trade Marks Law Blog

In National Dial A Word Registry Pty Ltd and others v. 1300 Directory Pty Ltd (WIPO Case No. DAU2008-0021) an Administrative Panel Decision of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center handed down on 6 March, 2009, the Complaint was submitted by nine complainants against one respondent. More info HERE.

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Phonewords around the World

Wikipedia- The Free Encyclopedia

The main advantages of phonewords over standard phone numbers include increased memorability and increased response rates to advertising. They are easier to remember than numeric phone numbers….

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"Smarter than the average number ..."

Julian Gyngell's talk on "Phonewords and Finance", kindly hosted yesterday at the London office of McDermott Emery & Will, was a treat for those who attended. In short, * Australia has instituted a system by which Smartnumbers, these being the numerical bases for alphanumerical telephone numbers, are auctioned to the highest bidder, subject to minimal conditions and limitations…

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Comcast Customer Service Rep Saves Life of Man Having a Stroke While on the Phone with Her  PEOPLE.com

Kimberly Williams, a Comcast rep in Mississippi, recalled how Dan Magennis' "words got slurred" as she was talking to him, leading her to take quick action.

The perfect phone: 9 features I'm dreaming of  ZDNet

If I could create my dream phone, this is what it would include.

Twitter got you down? Try taking your phone out for fresh air.  MIT Technology Review

A strange new piece of sentiment analysis research adds to the evidence that nature makes people happier—even if they're staring at their phones while they're ...

Exclusive: The foldable Huawei Mate X will have the new Kirin 990 chipset  TechRadar

The Huawei Mate X will indeed pack the Kirin 990 chip, TechRadar learned at a Huawei briefing in New York City. Advertisement. Yanmin Wang, president of ...

What3words: The app that can save your life  BBC News

Police have urged everyone to download a smartphone app they say has already saved several lives. What is it and how does it work? Kicked. Converged.

Motorola’s foldable Razr phone will launch by the end of the year  BGR

A few months ago, it really seemed like 2019 would be the year of the foldable smartphones. Samsung and Huawei had just unveiled the Galaxy Fold and Mate ...

This Honor 20 discount makes it an excellent back to school phone deal  TechRadar

Save £30 on a brand new 2019 smartphone. The perfect mobile phone deal to lead into the next school term.

No, Facebook Is Not Secretly Listening to You  The New York Times

This article is part of a limited-run newsletter. You can sign up here. Charlie Warzel is off this week, so he's turning the newsletter over to his colleague Sarah ...

Grammarly keyboard now suggests synonyms for outstanding —er— superlative mobile writing  Android Police

Repeating the same words makes for sub-par writing, which is why most authors employ synonyms to diversify the vocabulary they use. Even though writing is.

Samsung's Galaxy Note10+ Is Too Much Phone, But We Love It  WIRED

Samsung's line of Galaxy Note smartphones have always been known for their bigness, but over the past couple years Samsung has tried to make them stand ...

Op-Ed: Smartphones ushered in a toxic high school trend — the death of reading  Los Angeles Times

In the 1970s, teens read three times as many books as they do today. A high school teacher laments the rise of the cellphone and the death of reading.

10 Mean Girls Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words | ScreenRant  Screen Rant

These memes take classic quotes and scenes from Mean Girls, the popular comedy film written by Tina Fey and starring Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan.

Google’s lightweight search app, Google Go, launches to Android users worldwide  TechCrunch

Google Go, a lightweight version of Google's search app, is today becoming available to all Android users worldwide. First launched in 2017 after months of beta ...

Galaxy Note 10 vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Which Samsung phone is best?  Business Insider

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus have arrived. Here's how to decide which smartphone is right for you.

Many smartphones reportedly exceed FCC limits for radio frequency radiation  Digital Trends

According to a new report from the Chicago Tribune, many new smartphone models exceed federal safety limits for radio frequency radiation. The report notes ...

Tell Us The Dumbest Way You've Maxed Yr Phone Data & We Might Give You A 30GB Plan  Pedestrian TV

Do you find yourself burning through an insane amount of mobile data every month? Is your standard phone plan simply not cutting it when it comes to your ...

The app you've probably never heard of that police say could save your life  Mirror Online

The app, called What3words, assigns a three-word address to each 3m x 3m square in the world, making it much easier to convey your location to emergency ...

Want to Improve Your Memory? A Decade-Long Stanford Study Suggests You Should Stop Doing This 1 Thing  Inc.

Researchers find that spending less time multitasking may be the key to improving cognitive performance and memory.

Haunting final words Shilpa Shetty uttered to Jade Goody before cancer diagnosis  Mirror Online

In the final part of Channel 4's Jade Goody: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain saw the heartbreaking moment Jade discovered she had cervical cancer.

Dr. Mino and Mr. Raiola: The Two Sides of Football's Most Controversial Agent  Bleacher Report

"Hello, this is Mino. Don't leave me a voicemail—it's better to text." Mino Raiola's voicemail greeting tells you several things about the man who has become one ...

'Who forged £28k cheque from my dying father to buy holiday home timeshare?'  Telegraph.co.uk

Has a company treated you unfairly? Our consumer champion, Katie Morley, is here to help. For how to contact her click here. Dear Katie,. My father died of ...

Samsung Announce The Note 10, A Phone With A Pen You Can Wave Around Like A Wand  Pedestrian TV

Samsung announced its new range of smartphones early this morning, and as you'd expect, the company's taking aim squarely at Apple, which is expected to ...

When Good Boys Say Bad Words  The New York Times

The filmmakers behind the new comedy “Good Boys,” about potty-mouthed sixth-graders, had to figure out how to handle stars who were too young to actually ...

Google ditches dessert names for Android 10  WTVR CBS 6 News

Google may be doing away with its dessert naming scheme after a long, delicious run.

Larry Swearingen: Death row convict cites Christ's last words before he is executed  Sky News

Killer and rapist Larry Swearingen's final words were "Lord forgive them. They don't know what they are doing".

Police Minister 'little bit grumpy' at airport, swears; phones later to apologise  Stuff.co.nz

Stuart Nash says he 'perhaps acted in a way that I shouldn't have', swearing at an Air NZ staffer.

Huawei condemns US move extending ban to 46 more affiliates  TechRadar

The US government has extended its Huawei ban to 46 more affiliates, dashing the company's hopes that it would be lifted. Instead, the temporary license ...

Remarks by President Trump at Presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Robert Cousy  Whitehouse.gov

Oval Office. 4:52 P.M. EDT. THE PRESIDENT: Well, this is a very exciting day because he's a great champion and we love champions. It's wonderful to have you ...

Google Duo is getting a low-light mode to brighten up your video chats  Digital Trends

Google Duo is getting a little more useful in low light. Google has announced a new low-light mode for Duo that is aimed at brightening up video in case you're ...

Thinking I do with words - Once upon a time near a ringing cell phone  Yorkton This Week

I will now tell you the tale of the worst theatre experience of my life. We start in Cineplex Southland in Regina. We originally went to the Normanview Cineplex to ...

What Machine Learning Teaches Us about CEO Leadership Style  Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

Tarun Khanna and Prithwiraj Choudhury use machine-learning technology to look for links between a CEO's communications style and company performance.

35 Google Drive Tips You Can't Afford to Miss  PCMag

Google's online office suite and storage *service* is now the tool of choice for many. Find out why.

Hackers could hear your password when you type  WTHR

UNIVERSITY PARK, Texas (WUSA) — Researchers have discovered that hackers have a decent chance of discovering your password just by the sound you ...

The Ohio State University wants to trademark its favorite word: ‘The’  The Washington Post

Ohio State is serious about calling itself “The” Ohio State University. The grammatical article is right there on many of the school's seal, logos and signs. Now the ...

After 45 years of music, a final concert for the St. Louis Jesuits  National Catholic Reporter

The phone jolted Jesuit Fr. Bob Dufford from a sound sleep. "You're gonna want to get out of bed," his publishing rep said, "and turn on your VCR. Bill Clinton's ...

Does Visible limit my video streaming resolution?  Android Central

Best answer: No, Visible doesn't limit your resolution when streaming video on its network. You may experience slow-downs during particularly busy parts of the ...

Anatomy of a malware scam  Financial Times

Last summer, Alphaville fell victim to a scam. We know this is what they all say, but honestly - it wasn't our fault. The scam was the result of undetectable malware ...

Miami public transportation is getting Google Pay — and it could save you money  Digital Trends

Google and the Miami-Dade Transit public transportation system have announced that the system will now support Google Pay -- meaning you can tap to pay at ...

Mark Bennett: Comedian masters rare art of choosing words wisely  Terre Haute Tribune Star

Words matter. Brian Regan defies popular culture by choosing his carefully. In doing so, he's exercising freedom.

The real reason you should stop eating lunch at your desk  The Age

I feel a whole lot better when I'm connected with friends and co-workers, not with my phone or computer.

Japan's Police Crack Down on 'AirDrop' Dick Pics  The Daily Beast

Known for sneaky up-skirt snaps, Japanese pervs have always been at the creepy cutting edge of smartphone tech. Now they're using Apple's AirDrop to share ...

3 Toxic Marriage Behaviors and What to Do About Them  Yahoo Lifestyle

We follow hairstylist-to-the stars Jen Atkin on Instagram. Here's the caption she wrote under a gorgeous photo of her and her husband, photographer Mike ...

Motorola One Action quick review: Action camera makes this Moto uber cool  India Today

With the One Action, Motorola differentiates itself from the crowd proudly. A great looking design, an impressive display, stock Android and Action camera make ...

Leaked cases for new iPhone reveal ‘mini stylus’ that could launch in weeks – despite Steve Jobs famously hati  The Sun

APPLE'S next iPhone is just a few weeks away, and it could be the first to come with a stylus. A new leak suggests the iPhone 11 will work with the Apple Pencil, ...

She never hung up: Cable customer service rep in Mississippi saves Michigan man's life  Jackson Clarion Ledger

Kimberly Williams is used to all kinds of phone calls. She is, after all, a customer *service* representative for a cable company. Kimberly Williams, 32, of Clinton, ...

Authorities ruled her death a suicide, but her family believes she was killed  ABC News

When St. Johns County sheriff's deputies arrived at the St. Augustine, Florida, home of Jeremy Banks on Sept. 2, 2010, they found his 24-year-old girlfriend ...

How rude can you be on social media?  Spectator.co.uk

I've rashly agreed to write an online column on digital etiquette for Spectator Life, and the editor has thrown me in at the deep end. 'Just how rude can you be on ...

London bus attack: Four teens to stand trial over homophobic attack on Melania Geymonat, Chris Hannigan  NEWS.com.au

It was the image that shocked the world: the battered and bloodied faces of a woman and her girlfriend sitting shell-shocked on a London bus in the aftermath of ...

Confessions Of A Former Corporate Recruiter  Forbes

Let me start here. It's not you. It's me. In a past life, I was a corporate recruiter for a few different global organizations. My team was housed under Human ...

College Daily, the “Post-Truth” Publication Where Chinese Students in America Get Their News  The New Yorker

Han Zhang on College Daily, a publication that brings news with nationalistic undertones to Chinese students living in America, via WeChat and other ...

My Mind and My Father's Heart - Life & Times  Chabad.org

My father was a descendant of the Gerrer chasidic dynasty of Poland, in a direct line from the Gerrer Rebbe, Rabbi Yisroel Rottenberg. Unfortunately, he was not ...

Kristen Bell reveals how young daughter ended up in the emergency room  Today.com

Actress Kristen Bell shared a photo from her daughter's first emergency room visit with her fans and followers on Instagram.

I'm a Journalist. Why Did I End Up on an FBI Terrorist Watch List?  The Nation

The use of “watch lists” to harass dissidents and journalists—as well as Muslims—appears to be growing, as the author discovered when he recently got caught ...

Serial shoplifter jailed for punching friend outside Banana Leaf Apolo restaurant, causing his death  TODAYonline

SINGAPORE — He had been caught for shoplifting at least four times before, but this did not deter Lim Yong Hwee from pilfering again after he was released ...

These Bizarre Ripoff 'News' Sites Have Turned Plagiarism Into A Business  HuffPost

Scammers have cooked up a truly strange scheme to leech traffic from journalists.

Faith features Be still and know In a new book, Sonia Mainstone-Cotton explores how mindfulness  Church Times

In a new book, Sonia Mainstone-Cotton explores how mindfulness and silence can be used with children in worship.

The fake baby adoption scam  BBC News

When US couples want to adopt a baby they often post ads online and search social media for women pregnant with an unwanted child. Sometimes it works ...

Charges filed against Shawano man for racist graffiti at schools  WBAY

SHAWANO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - A Shawano man has been charged with six counts with hate crime modifiers for racist graffiti spray-painted at schools.

Syria's teen documentarian  Columbia Journalism Review

Around Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, Muhammad Najem, age 16, is known as the “Little Journalist.” He grew up there, in the village of Arbin, where ...

Daily horoscope for Wednesday August 21 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today  The Sun

... ♈ ARIES. March 21 to April 20. Your love status could start to change this morning – and a relationship that at times seemed semi-detached turns into a close ...

'Not Afraid of Probe into Phone Tapping': Kumaraswamy Accuses K'taka Govt of Running Transfer Business  News18

Bengaluru: Former Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Monday said he was not afraid of any probe into the phone tapping allegations, as he ...

The Mystery of Babies’ First Words  The Atlantic

It's nearly impossible to discern when an infant's babbling turns into a fully formed word.

The End of Agile  Forbes

I knew the end of Agile was coming when we started using hockey sticks.

FRINGE 2019: 2 amazing DANCE shows  Gig City

Stage 4 (King Edward Elementary School). A few years back an inventive local dance company called Synaethesis Dance Theatre came up with a movement ...

I Volunteered For Abortion Rights In Missouri & It Made Me Rethink My Entire Life  Bustle

In this op-ed, writer Kara Lewis explains how volunteering at a Planned Parenthood clinic changed what feminism meant to her. Imagine living in a place where ...

JOHN BRUMMETT: Flight of the presidency  Arkansas Online

Donald Trump. Who else? He lives in the immediately televised moment. He lives elsewhere when the television image changes or when the power on the ...

Behrouz Boochani's mission to change offshore detention laws using a smuggled mobile phone  ABC News

He won Australia's richest prize for literature, but Behrouz Boochani wasn't there to accept it. He was on Manus Island, more than 2000 days after he arrived on ...

iPhone trick will stop autocorrect changing swear word to ‘ducking’  NEWS.com.au

This could be the most valuable piece of information you learn all year, and I'm honoured to be the one to share it with you.

Use your phone to turn a photo into an Excel spreadsheet in a snap  CNET

Microsoft's tool for iOS and Android phones turns photos of notes, lists, recipes and numbers into Excel spreadsheets.

Founder buys out Telstra's majority stake in PhoneWords  CRN Australia

The founder of Telstra PhoneWords has led a consortium to acquire Telstra's 85 percent stake in the company, which sells personalised 1...

KARE 11 Investigates: Veteran gets new kidney after years of denial  KARE11.com

In the wake of a KARE 11 investigation, a Native American Marine Corps veteran from Minnesota has received a kidney transplant the VA had denied him.

Can a Chain BBQ Joint Actually be Consistently Good?  Thrillist

Dickey's Barbecue is the biggest smoked-meats chain in the world. But can they do slow-and-low in a fast-casual world?

The three words that killed hands-free driving legislation in Virginia  Virginia Mercury

Ultimately, three words led to the downfall of hands-free driving legislation that lawmakers hoped would finally allow police to crack down on widespread use of ...

Telstra sells Phonewords business to founder and Aura Funds Management  The Australian Financial Review

Telstra is selling its stake in its Phonewords business to a consortium led by the company's founder Gavin Scholes and Aura Funds Management.

Here’s how to avoid long lines, get good seats at Western Idaho Fair concerts  Idaho Statesman

If you're attending a Western Idaho Fair grandstand concert (3 Doors Down, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Dustin Lynch and REO Speedwagon), you're going to wait in ...

Samsung's $2,000 folding smartphone disaster, explained  Business Insider

In a few days in April, Samsung's $1980 foldable smartphone went from promising concept to PR nightmare. Months later, it's still not out.

Would your mobile phone be powerful enough to get you to the moon?  The Conversation UK

Here is how our mobile phones compare with the computer that landed man on the moon in 1969.

Video Premiere: Flat River Band's “Every Dog Has Its Day” - C&I Magazine  Cowboys and Indians

The country-bluegrass group debuts the music video for their latest track, “Every Dog Has Its Day.”

Nomophobia Is Cambridge Dictionary's Word of the Year For 2018—And You Might Have It  Mental Floss

Nomophobia is the Cambridge Dictionary's word of the year for 2018, and it describes a condition many of us are familiar with—even if we never knew there was ...

Here's what happens when you block someone's number on your iPhone  Business Insider

When you block a number on an iPhone, you limit that number from contacting you in several ways. Here's what you need to know about iPhone blocking.

Samsung is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy phone with a trade-in offer of up to $300, and other great deals  Business Insider

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone line turns 10 this year, and in honor of the phone's birthday, Samsung has a number of deals available until June 30.

Autocomplete Presents the Best Version of You  WIRED

As goofy as some of your smartphone keyboard's predictions are, at least it tries to not make you look bad.

Handy tips on how to monitor and save battery life on your Android phone  The Verge

Follow these tips to help you monitor and extend the usage of your Android phone's battery.

Glued to Your Phone at the Dinner Table? Marshawn Lynch Wants to Have Some Words  Adweek

The NFL star and agency GS&P want to help turn meals into phone-free zones.

How to save videos on Facebook to your phone or computer  Business Insider

You can save, or "bookmark," any video on Facebook to play it again later by selecting "Save to Watchlist" or "Save Video," depending upon whether you're on a ...

How to download Netflix movies and shows onto your phone or tablet to watch when you're without internet  Business Insider

Netflix provides an easy way to download video to your mobile device for times when you know you won't have access to internet *service*. You can't download ...

China forces tourists to install phone-scanning app at Xinjiang border  Business Insider

China uses a variety of surveillance technology to monitor citizens in Xinjiang. Now tourists are being forced to download an invasive app.

How to download Amazon Prime movies and shows to your phone or tablet  Business Insider

You should know how to download Amazon Prime movies and shows if you're headed somewhere without internet or watching your data usage. Here's how.

The best ways to contact Amazon for help when you have a problem with your account  Business Insider

You can contact Amazon customer *service* in a few ways to get answers about your account. Here's how to contact Amazon by phone, chat, email, and more.

500 Days of Duolingo: What You Can (and Can’t) Learn From a Language App  The New York Times

Free language learning apps often promise the world — but don't expect fluency from one. Here's what to expect before you sign up.

How to Add Song Lyrics to Playing Music in Your Instagram Stories  WonderHowTo

The Music sticker is one of Instagram's best features. With it, you can add music directly to your story, incorporating a high-quality soundtrack to your favorite ...

How to restart and force-restart any iPhone model  Business Insider

Restart or force-restart your iPhone when it runs into software bugs that cause the phone to run slowly, or for any number of other inconveniences.

The Phone Number Ashton Kutcher Tweeted Comes From a Startup  WIRED

If you tried to text Ashton Kutcher today, you were prompted to sign up for a new messaging *service* called Community.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar turns 50 and gets its own Indigenous language translation  ABC News

An Aboriginal language that only three years ago was considered 'virtually extinct' now has a recorded vocabulary of more than 1000 words and its own ...

How to reverse search an image on Google with your phone, tablet, or computer  Business Insider

You can search Google with an image when a simple word search is insufficient. A "reverse image search" returns similar images, websites that use that ...

Boris Johnson Voter Tells James O'Brien He's "Lost For Words" By Boris's "Awful" Phone-In  LBC

James O'Brien speaks to a lot of disillusioned leave voters. But this disappointed caller, who voted for Brexit based on Boris Johnson's promises, really moved ...

The brain benefits of looking up from your phone  ABC News

When you're waiting in a queue there are various ways to bide your time: chat to someone, gaze off into the distance, or check your phone. The science of ...

How to sign out of a Google account on your desktop or mobile device  Business Insider

It only takes a few clicks to sign out of your Google account. Here's how to sign out of Google on both your desktop and mobile device.

Microsoft is finally killing the last of Windows phone, and wants you to switch to Android or iPhone instead  INSIDER

We've made some recommendations for Windows 10 Mobile users out there now looking to make the switch.

Can I buy a phone that doesn’t use anything from Google or Apple?  The Guardian

Steve does not like firms slurping up his data, so wants a device that respects his privacy.